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We are the Waterpower Club - Waterpower Community Partnership (WC 2), founded to help students connect to opportunities in the waterpower sector.

Waterpower is the cornerstone of renewable energy, it‘s reliable, scalable, and has a carbon footprint so small it‘s practically a tiptoe. Do you want to be part of advancing a renewable energy future? Enter the world of waterpower! Imagine harnessing the raw power of water to light up cities and power industry. With us, that‘s not a dream—it‘s reality.

Waterpower Club


Enlightening presentations from industry leaders

A direct line to the “Hiring for Hydro” career portal

Career training and mentorship

Access to exclusive scholarship opportunities

Funded socials and activities

Internships and co-op education opportunities

Guided tours inside hydropower facilities, dams, and marine energy tech test centers

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Get ready to make waves in a community that‘s shaping our carbon-free future and discover what it means to tackle some of the most thrilling challenges in renewable energy.

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Be exposed to a community that forms the foundation of a carbon-free energy future. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most challenging and rewarding renewable energy careers available today.


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Whether you are a civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental or hydraulics and hydrology engineering major, we have a spot for you! We also are looking for the next generation of scientists, regulatory pros, accountants, marketers, and more – join today!

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