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The WC2 Partnership is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to foster partnerships between universities and communities, facilitating collaboration and driving the development of the next generation of skilled professionals in the waterpower sector.
Our program has impactful goals to shape the future of the waterpower industry.

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Educational Resources

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We are excited to implement this initiative in colleges and universities across the United States, fostering student-run clubs supported by the Hydropower Foundation and endorsed by the National Hydropower Association.

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The waterpower sector is grappling with serious workforce development challenges. While industries like solar and wind power have successfully established robust workforces over the past 15 years, the waterpower industry finds itself in a starkly different position. Despite an escalating need for renewable, dispatchable energy sources like hydropower, the industry struggles to nurture a strong pipeline of new professionals. The urgency of this situation is amplified by an aging workforce nearing retirement.

We have learned through our programs like the Marine Energy Collegiate Competition and the Hydropower Collegiate Competition that students are excited about waterpower! They love the diversity of roles that they can pursue and the variety of work they can do to help ensure a renewable future.

Waterpower Partnership Levels

How you can Get Involved


Designate a representative as the point of contact for the HF, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.


Show your dedication through financial contributions and volunteer time, actively supporting student clubs and their activities.


Express your willingness to provide opportunities such as internships, facility visits, and hands-on experiences wherever possible.

By embracing the WC2 Partnership, your organization will play a vital role in shaping the future of the waterpower industry while also nurturing a talented workforce prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.